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Australian Made

Marine Tuft was founded in 2005 after the owners identified a shortcoming in what was deemed to be marine carpet. Much of what was then available was nothing better than household carpet which quickly failed once exposed to the harsh boating environment. Much resource and time has been devoted to sourcing the specialized materials required to enable the manufacture of such a high quality product.

Despite having been decieved by some raw material suppliers unable to meet the high standards demanded, Marine Tuft has now perfected it's supplier list and retains some of the finest producers in the world. Having done the hard yards, Marine Tuft now manufactures the finest tufted marine, outdoor, and indoor carpet available. 100% Synthetic yarns with the highest resistance to UV are utilized and the finished product is backed with an adhesive especially formulated by one of Australia's leading polymer producers ensuring the carpet is made to resist the extraordinary effects of exposure to water sun and salt.

The finished product is now available in most boating countries in the world.

All-Weather Carpet

Marine Tuft is regarded as the very best All-weather Carpet for boat decks or entertaining areas, both internal and external. Although developed with marine use in mind, Marine Tuft is also very suitable for walkways and docks, indeed any location when a tough synthetic inside/outside carpet structure is needed.

The demand for a pleasant looking, durable truly marine all weather carpet is understandable given the advantages it brings in temperature and sound insulation, the ease with which a synthetic carpet can be cleaned, and the cost comparison with traditional boat and outdoor floor coverings such as cork and teak. MarineTuft looks and feels like real carpet, because it is!

A Global Market

C&F are working with Marine Tuft to market this outstanding product to the world through relationships with leading marine and leisure vehicle distributors.

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