Open Excavation Protection System

"This safety device is a simple and effective way to prevent people and animals falling into open excavations prior to foundations being poured.”

Paul Breslin, Brookside Multiplex. Worksafe Victoria eNewsletter about OEPS Hole Protection System (HPS)

Securing Excavation Sites More Effectively

OEPS™ is a industry derived safety device preventing fall hazards, trip hazards and other fall traumas or related injuries protecting staff and employers from danger and loss. OEPS™ which stands for Open Excavation Protection System, is a certified, made-for-industry barricade that completely secures the area around an excavation site whether excavating holes or trenches. In terms of hierarchical control processes it is an engineered safeguard that offers complete demarcation as well as a physical prevention of a fall event for staff, other workers, members of the public and fauna.

HPS Hole Protection System

The HPS complements existing barricade protection perfectly. While excavation works take place, it operates alongside other on-site demarcation and barricading, such as demarcation exclusion zones. The fold out side panels can easily be connected to these other systems.

While excavation works are in progress, there is no need to remove any part of the protective system. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and ensures the site is never left unprotected.

TPS Trench Protection System

One way to clearly delineate the boundaries for all excavation and piling / investigation works safely whilst at the same time maintaining full construction activities is to erect OEPS™ Trenching Barricade System. The advantage of ensuring that work is carried out within well-defined borders, is so the public can be kept safe from potential life threatening accidents. Furthermore, construction site workers will have a secure area in which to conduct their work. Erecting an OEPS™ will provide a sense of safety and security for everyone involved.

Safety Benefits
  • Designed engineered and certified in accordance with the rigorous Australian Standard (AS1657)
  • Complies with the correct placement and policing of the barricade
  • Offers out of hour security from human and fauna entry
  • Reduces manual handling activities such as the erection of temporary fencing
  • Powder coated Aluminum for longer lasting use
  • The unit flat packs and is portable for ease of transport and re use
  • Easy to assemble – less than a few minutes
  • Available in standard sizes or specially manufactured to customers requirements
  • OEPS™ is the prevention solution for falls around holes and trenches
  • Operates as an integral part of the workplace methodology – not an after-thought
Distributor Benefits
  • Establish a significant income stream from both sales and rental opportunities
  • Distributor rights to a designated area, or geographic region
  • Opportunity to ensure safety is a significant priority in your business and your customers' businesses
  • Contribute to making the OEPS™ units mandatory in your geographic region
  • Reliable supply chain of product manufactured to the highest international standard at the lowest possible price
  • Access to stock available for dispatch and sale in your area
  • Exclusive access to other industry specific products which will establish additional significant streams of income and complementary to the already targeted market

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