ZT Safety Harness


ZT Safety Harness

If you fall from height whilst wearing a conventional safety harness, 100% of the falling force will be directed to your groin area. But now there’s a better option: the ZT Safety Harness.

This range of a new type of fall-arrest harness features a revolutionary design which elminates groin straps, distributing the force of the fall to the whole body, leaving you at far less risk of discomfort, or worse! ZT = Zero Trauma.

ZT’s designers have set out to create a fall arrest, or fall restraint harness, that is part of your workwear - so it’s not only easy to use but also comfortable to wear.

“Very comfortable and easy to work with. If you are working all day with harness on I would recommend this piece of kit”. - Matt Broughton: Chubb Electronic Security Systems

No-one should change their safety regime without good reason, so here are 10 good reasons to choose ZT Safety Harness:

1. Less risk of injury - no pressure point load to sensitive places

2. Greatly reduced risk of whiplash compared to conventional harnesses

3. No D-rings, so you can even wear it while driving

4. Suits a bigger operator - certified safe to 150 Kg

5. Easy to wear correctly - designed into your trousers or coveralls, so it can’t be put on back-to-front

6. Flexible to work with - as it’s part of the workwear

7. No need to tighten it again once it’s on

8. No loose straps or lanyards, so nothing to catch on obstacles

9. Eliminates ‘suspension trauma’ - organ and tissue damage caused by being left dangling after a fall - because the ZT pulls your legs up into a safer, seated position

10. Safety management: Operators don’t have to be encouraged to wear the ZT as it’s already part of their everyday workwear

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