OEPS - Hole Safety

Open Excavation Protection System

The unique safety solution for open holes and trenches.

Hole and Trench Safety

Hole safety and trench safety are important issues on today's industrial work sites. Operators must prevent fall hazards, fall injury and mitigate risk. OEPS™ is a unique open hole or excavation protection system designed to secure your site safety more effectively. With International Workplace Health and Safety regulations in mind, it has been designed for excavations that are more than 3 metres deep, and wide enough for a person to fall into or be a trip hazard. It can also work alongside other on-site demarcation and barricading to prevent fall problems.

Safety Legislation

OEPS™ ends the debate about what is a suitable barricade by providing a clever, compact solution to meet the stringent Australian Legislation for Hole Excavation and Australian Legislation for Trenching Excavation.

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Safety Benefits

Mesh floor panels allow over-the-excavation inspection and protection, with handrails to prevent falls from the side. The system comprises rigid panels and split floor panels that can be removed and secured away from the unit when in use, allowing access for tools for excavation. The panels are detachable and fold away. Whilst forming a solid, rigid system the individual components can be packaged separately in a flat-pack configuration and stacked up to 6 units high. For easy transport, each unit can be lifted by 2 adults.

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